• Deena Scullay

    Deena Scullay

    Former FBI agent, highly-educated, athletic, capable.
  • Eddie Orgeron

    Eddie Orgeron

    Former New Orleans cop turned private detective struggling with a failed marriage and a life coming apart at the seams.
  • Max Samstung

    Max Samstung

    Sensitive, compassionate caretaker for disadvantaged children, developing psychic.
  • Mike Varsik

    Mike Varsik

    Sometimes hapless and overwhelmed but persevering former Forest Ranger.
  • Reginald Cheney

    Reginald Cheney

    Former marginal CIA and Homeland Security operative with issues, used to a life of entitlement and protection thanks to family ties.
  • Samuel T. Jeffers

    Samuel T. Jeffers

    Former Marine sniper, completed training as a CIA field operator.
  • Scott Free

    Scott Free

    Force Alpha corporal in line for sergeant. Capable, crazy martial arts skills, more than a little impatient and irreverent.
  • Sonny Crying Hawk

    Sonny Crying Hawk

    Troubled Native American drifter wrestling with ancestral obligations and beliefs and the complex demands of the modern world.