Deena Scullay

Former FBI agent, highly-educated, athletic, capable.


27, Brown hair with reddish tints, green eyes, 5’3”, slender build

Deena is a daughter of middle-class parents. He father was an LAPD detective and her mother was a nurse. Her parents met when her mother, Jamie, nursed her father, Steve, back to health after being stabbed in the shoulder by a homicide suspect. Deena has one older brother, Sam (31 years old.)

Sam is very athletic. He always has been involved in one sport or another. Baseball, football, track, martial arts, and then body building. Not a very good student, Sam tried to excel in sports in hopes of winning over the girls and to obtain a scholarship. He often made Deena throw a baseball or football to him, run around the track, practice martial arts moves or spot him during weightlifting. She in turn would practice splinting his leg or arm or carrying him in a fireman’s carry for practice. They were very close and were each other’s best friend throughout high school.

Growing up, Deena was fascinated by the stories her father told her of his job. She was daddy’s little girl and wanted to be just like him when she grew up. She also liked to listen to her mother’s stories of her job in the ER. Deena decided to combine both of her parents loves into her own. She would join the FBI as a medical forensic scientist and help solve crimes like her dad.

Deena worked very hard in school to obtain a scholarship and grants to fulfill her dreams. Sam did not get any college scholarships so he planned to join the Marines. After signing up however, he was arrested for DUI hit and run. His career in the Marines never materialized. He eventually found work as a fitness instructor at the famous Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, CA.

After high school, college (UCLA), medical school (UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine) and an internship, Deena joined the FBI. Training at Quantico was challenging mentally and physically, but she enjoyed every minute of it. Training with her brother had paid off and she was able to pass the physical aspects with ease. She learned a great deal and made many friends along the way. Her instructors and her peers liked her. (Contacts Feat) During training, they had many guest speakers. Her favorite guest speaker was Agent Mulder. His passionate lecture entitled “Things Are Not Always What They Seem. Find The Truth” was very informative and inspiring. And he was cute to boot.

Now assigned to the FBI LA field office, life is good for Deena. She is able to visit her parents and brother on the weekends and enjoys being a part of both the law and medical communities.

Deena Scullay

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