Eddie Orgeron

Former New Orleans cop turned private detective struggling with a failed marriage and a life coming apart at the seams.


Eddie Orgeron grew up on the mean, hard streets of New Orleans, before the city was cleaned up. He lived through the clean up, and all that went with it. When Eddie graduated high school he followed a family tradition; he became a cop. He also married his, sweetheart, Sarah.

Life wasn’t easy as Eddie put Sarah through law school. They had two boys—John and William—and everything was going very well. He made detective and was working with his father on the force. Then Sarah got a job offer in Seattle that she couldn’t turn down.

As many families do, they followed the money. Due to politics between precincts Eddie decided to not join the Seattle Police Department. Instead, he became a licensed private investigator and went into business himself. He used many of his time-honed skills in a far more loosely regulated industry. Eddie was able to earn enough for his family to live modestly while Sarah moved up through the ranks.

But it was while trailing a client’s unfaithful husband that Eddie found out Sarah was cheating on him. The divorce was violent and messy. Sarah had a firm behind her and a wealthy boyfriend and Eddie screwed up, lost his cool. Eddie ended up with his business, his car, and what little remained of his wounded pride. The only reason he didn’t return to New Orleans was that Sarah had custody of the boys and she wasn’t leaving Seattle. Eddie couldn’t envision a future without John and William.

Having once been a cop, Eddie doesn’t hesitate to give the Seattle PD tips when he thinks it’s warranted. He has a few contacts he can count on to reciprocate when it’s safe to do so. It’s a healthy relationship, unlike the one he’s divorced from.

Eddie stands 5’11”, with a mop of curly dark hair that he often hides under a fedora. His skin is a light tan, which in Seattle makes him stand out. He’s not as fit as he was when he was a cop, nor is he as good a shot, but he hasn’t completely fallen apart, either. Eddie has been known to listen to the blues. Mainly Delta Blues, but he will listen to it all—Chicago, Texas, and Blues Rock. Hell, he will even listen to jazz if he has to, but the blues how he clings to his home, and since the divorce, they have been his crutch as the blues is not about depression, but expression.

Eddie Orgeron

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