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Dark Horizons is a gritty, modern sci-fi/horror game set on Earth around 2010.


The campaign concept was influenced by films such as “Aliens” and the Resident Evil and Terminator movies as well as TV shows such as “The Night Stalker” and “The X-Files.” Video games such as “F.E.A.R.,” “Gears of War,” and “Resistance” were also significant influences.


The factions in the Dark Horizons setting have slowly played out. Initially, the group was involved in a manhunt for Paul Volsky, who kidnapped Paul Talbot, the autistic child of a wealthy military industrialist. After a short while, it looked like the people behind the kidnapping were even worse: a terrorist organization by the name of Belati Hitam. It wasn’t long before that turned out to be a deception as well. As the group looked into the people behind the faux Belati Hitam organization, they discovered BioVault, a bio-research agency tied to the US Army and to Logicwyrx, the company run by Jack Talbot, Paul’s father. Researching BioVault ended up with them being forcefully recruited into the ultra-secret TransGateway Operations organization. Although they were sure TGO was more than it appeared, the group was very quickly drawn into the heart of its struggle, taking on the virbold, an extra-dimensional threat. At this point, conspiracies and super-science mean much less than the survival of the human race, and that is apparently what the virbold are intent on bringing an end to.

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